Happy Columbus Day 2019 Images, Wallpapers, Pictures, Photo

Happy Columbus Day 2019 Images, Wallpapers, Pictures, Photo. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. Christopher Columbus was the first man since the 10th century who discovered and explored America as a European. He reached America on 12th October 1492, and to honor him people of the USA celebrate the Columbus Day on Monday, 14 th October. They wish others on that day with happy Columbus Day 2018 wallpapers, sayings, poems, etc.

Happy Columbus Day 2019

Happy Columbus Day 2019

Happy Columbus Day 2019

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All Americans celebrate the Columbus Day because Christopher Columbus discovered America on that day. But, many people don’t know about some interesting facts about this holiday. So, let’s look at those facts.

Christopher Columbus started sailing at the age of 15. He sailed in the sea with three ships that were given by the city of Palos. The names of those ships were the Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria. He sailed in August on 1492, and it was 35 days before a sailor spotted land. He started his journey with 90 men that were his crew members. At the time, Columbus landed in the Bahamas in 1492 he was the first European since the 10th century to have the chance to explore the Americans.

One of the three ships, which was Santa Maria didn’t make it to the return trip to Spain. That is because it ran around on Christmas Day. So, 40 men had to stay behind because there was no room on the other two ships. That is the reason they stayed behind on the island Hispaniola.

These are some of the interesting facts about Columbus Day and Christopher Columbus’s journey. Now, celebrate the holiday and wish others with the below wallpapers.

Columbus Day 2019 Celebration Ideas

There are many ideas and activities with whom you guys can celebrate the Columbus Day. On that day Christopher Columbus discovered America with his crew after a hard and long journey. He had the willpower and courage to continue his journey and didn’t give up no matter what the situation was. Now, it can be a message for us all, which is never give up, not on extreme hard situations.

So, you guys should honor Columbus for his discovery and celebrate the day with festive activities. In the meantime, share the below wallpapers with others that has a beautiful message on it.

Columbus Day 2019 Viral Images, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp

We all know how much hype does social media as Facebook and WhatsApp have. Nowadays, most of the people celebrate various events, programs, and festivals on those social media platforms that include Columbus Day too. They do that by sharing Columbus Day messages, sayings, and wallpapers.

Now, it would be an excellent idea to share Columbus Day wallpapers with all that would be a cheap and handy way to celebrate the day. On the other hand, you can choose any beautiful and good quality wallpaper from this site. Besides, I am providing some impressive wallpaper that contains lots of inspirational messages too. So, get the below wallpapers.

Happy Columbus Day 2019 Images, Wallpapers, Pictures, Photo. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. The Columbus Day occasion should be celebrated by all American. That is because the day is the Anniversary of America. In the meantime, they should honor Columbus and give tribute for his journey and discovery of the new world. However, celebrate the day and wish your dear ones with the above wallpapers.